Youth Club ‘Social Diplomacy’

I introduce you to the Youth Club ‘Social Diplomacy’. It is an NGO that works towards building bridges between people from different cultures.

The AIYPM and YCSD had an agreement to start co-operation and joint projects in the near future, read about them and stay tuned on our future projects! 

Who are we:  

  • as far as we’re a non-for-profit group, Youth Club ‘Social Diplomacy’ contributes to creating better opportunities and improving access for young people in the South of Russia, helps them to develop in the field of intercultural dialogue and tolerance within the frameworks of Peacebuilding and Mediation. The South of Russia is the complex polyethnical macro-region; its function is the connection between East and West. Our macro-region requires a real sharing of experiences, attracting foreign colleagues and their active participation in this process. Promoting cross-border activities and network building with partner countries, and supporting the exchange of youth active in youth work and youth organizations.

According to the YCSD charter:

Build bridges between people from different cultures”.

Our mission:

  • Democratic values spreading through creation of an integrated platform for cooperation between different levels of society, non-governmental sector and state with a principle of social diplomacy using intercultural learning instruments of non-formal education that focus on a personal and professional development of young people and on capacity building of youth organizations in the Russian Federation, Europe (including the Eastern Partnership and the Mediterranean) and North Africa.


  • Research activity (Political Science: Conflict Studies, Political Technologies; Economics: Macroregional and Cross-regional economic issues using DEA);

  • International essay contests related to ENPI and Eastern Partnership issues and Russia’s role in these processes;

  • Professional system of trainings, workshops and seminars with experts participation; 

  • Volunteering (any good idea is the best bread); 

  • role games on different socio-political topics.

Target group: 

  • young active people, ethnic minorities, young representatives of local and international NGOs, students and postgraduates. On a regularly base we attract these people on a voluntary base in different ICD activities, seminars, workshops and Conventions for a better mutual understanding in inter-religious and inter-ethnic society. We work with young people primarily without political or led-party interference. It allows practicing of real non-formal instruments for an effective ICD, tolerance principles, conflict resolution issues and intercultural learning among youngsters. 

What we do: 

  • all our activities are devoted to a process of real intercultural dialogue in the big region of the Caucasus with expanding borders to EuroMed with participation of Russian young leaders and experts for further knowledge and youth platforms exchange. We have implemented several trainings on this subject – EuroMed relations and socio-political realities including NGO sector issue. It had a mix of non-formal education and formal education in the frameworks of our Federal University for older students of the Conflict Studies Department. We have made a role-play game with 3 regions formally divided into 3 groups – Europe, Russia and MENA. We have paid attention to Russia’s inclusion in this 3-sided collaboration and almost all issues and details of EuroMed region and its place on the map of the world. All our reports are in our web-blog with photos and commentaries. Additionally we’ve been the first non-profit group in all our region who took an important part during the 1st and 2nd Political convention in 2010 and 2011; also we’re the first in our region who has been attended the EuroMed Seminar dedicated to expert work in Spain (Mollina, 2011) and we took a part in the 4th UNAOC Forum in Doha (2011) as the official representative of the Russian Federation on a youth level.

And all our activities have been implemented on a voluntary base.

We always glad to take new young people on our board and work together.

So don’t hesitate this opportunity to contact us!


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